Why You Should Apply Early for Bursaries

Getting through the education journey in South Africa can be tough on the pocket. Luckily, many companies want to help by offering bursaries. These financial aids make education possible for many, but the catch is, you need to apply early to grab those opportunities.

The Challenge of Limited Bursary Spots:

In South Africa, companies get flooded with bursary applications every year. The sad truth is, there aren’t enough spots for everyone. That’s why applying early is so important – it gives you a better shot at scoring one of those coveted bursaries.

  1. First-Come-First-Serve:
    It’s like the early bird gets the worm. Companies often pick the first applications they receive. So, if you wait too long, you might miss out.
  2. Limited Spots, Big Demand:
    These companies have a set budget for bursaries, and once they reach that limit, they close applications. Applying early increases your chances of snagging a spot before they run out.
  3. They Need Time to Check You Out:
    Companies take their time going through each application. If you apply early, your application gets a closer look, making it more likely to move forward in the selection process.
  4. Avoid Tech Hiccups:
    Online systems can get glitchy, especially when everyone’s rushing to submit right before the deadline. Applying early saves you from last-minute technical headaches.

Why Plan Ahead:

Applying early doesn’t mean rushing. Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Do Your Homework:
    Pick companies that match your goals. Learn what they’re looking for in a candidate and tailor your application to show you’re the perfect fit.
  2. Get Your Docs in Order:
    Have all your papers ready – grades, recommendation letters, personal statements – well before the deadline. It makes for a smoother and error-free submission.
  3. Ask for Advice:
    Talk to teachers, mentors, or career counselors. They can give you valuable tips that might set your application apart from the rest.


In the race for bursaries in South Africa, timing matters. Applying early doesn’t just boost your chances; it shows you’re serious about your education. So, when bursary season kicks off, don’t wait around. Be one of the first in line with a well-prepared application, and open the door to a brighter future for yourself in South Africa.

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  1. Olwethu Zamasinama Mhlathi
    February 7, 2024

    Highly interested to get a busary for my IT in Richfield College in Durban, have paid registration fee.

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