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bachelor of health sciences 2
university of the witwatersrand

I am currently a second-year student at the University of the Witwatersrand, pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in health system sciences. As a student facing financial challenges, a bursary will not only a means of financial relief but a crucial support in my pursuit of reaching academic excellence. Throughout my primary and high school journey, I was consistently ranked as one of the top achievers in the class, ranking either as first or second best. Although I was not the top student in my grade as of grade 10, I was consistently placed within the top 20. This achievement is significant considering the grading system, which did not always recognize individual subject streams but evaluated the entire grade. I am currently pursuing a degree in health system sciences, a field I believe provides unique skills in complex thinking and problem solving as well as perspective on the health system and understanding of the patient. My goal is to transition into Medicine through the graduate entry medicine program offered by Wits, where I will be able to apply my skills and understanding of the health system to the practice of medicine. I must acknowledge that getting into the University of the Witwatersrand was not an easy process. I encountered challenges in achieving a mark above 50% for my English, my commitment is evident in my final matric mark of 64%. This demonstrates my resilience and dedication to overcoming academic challenges.


top 19 2022
During my final year of study, I was awarded a merit award for being top 19 in my grade consisting of more than 200 learners.