May 20, 2024

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Bursary Description

Rosebank College, the Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) is one of the leading private higher education institutions in the country registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. For over 70 years IIE Rosebank College has delivered quality tertiary education to students across South Africa. Situated in bustling cities, IIE Rosebank College embraces the same vibrant environment which allows over 20,000 students to connect with the heart of the institution. Our exceptional growth is creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to suitable incumbents.

Job Purpose:

 To head up and manage the academic department, develop, workforce planning and implementation (which includes the hiring of talent for recruitment and related administration) and to own the quality assurance of Academic processes and systems for every academic on campus. To implement overarching Teaching & Learning strategies and interventions, corrective action for at risk students and to triangulate with Student Wellness and Library Services in the interest of overall student wellness.

Minimum Requirements:


  • Master’s degree (NQF level 9) in Education, Distance Education, Adult Education or equivalent


  • Management in a tertiary distance education setting (5 Years)
  • Lecturer Development and Support (3 Years)
  • Head of department and people management experience (3 Years)
  • Any combination of experience and education that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities (3 -5 Years)


Market related.


Key Competencies:

  • Operational efficiency and ability to implement policies and procedures.
  • Commercial and business awareness.
  • Problem-solving skills and solutions driven.
  • Numeracy and sound technical skills.
  • Initiative.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to balance the demands of work and personal commitments.
  • Ability to make quick but balanced decisions.
  • Manage a large and diverse team.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1) Quality Assurance

  • Implementation of academic policies.
  • Approval of students’ academic requests (exception apps).
  • Controlling assessment procedures e.g. security and invigilators.
  • Approval of all lecturers on IIE programmes as per part-time lecturer appointment process.
  • Surveys: Student, Lecturer, Technology.
  • Peer Review Process: Drive results analysis and Peer Review consultations.
  • Manage the implementation of structured online class visits and Peer Review consultations.
  • Graduation: assist the operations team as required.
  • Handling of claims as well as a functional budget.
  • Own and control the quality assurance of all Academic Operations and support systems for every academic on campus.
  • Assist Academic staff in crafting and implementing development plans.
  • Drive results analysis and Peer Review consultations.
  • Monitor the delivery of workshops, forum agendas and teaching portfolio compliance, policy compliance and awareness as well as implementation.
  • Develop and deliver policy awareness workshops.

2) Programme Management

  • Scheduling of timetables.
  • Contracting lecturers as per scheduled timetable.
  • Updating of timetable as required.
  • Analyse student attendance statistics with PST as part of At Risk process (Lecturer, programme, module issues).
  • Implement strategies, interventions and remedial action for At Risk students.
  • Assessment: Timetables of assessments, marking, mark upload and collation as per policy.
  • Manage the CASS release on campus.
  • Assessment: Summative – paper request (quantity), release, marks collection, upload on system, release of marks
  • Monitoring moderation process.
  • Manage assessment for sittings 2 and 3 (all different apps).
  • Ensuring that academic reports are distributed timely.
  • Manage communication to all stakeholders regarding changes in timetables, materials, assessments and general updates.
  • Offering academic support to Academic staff.
  • Ensure timely distribution of academic reports.
  • Administration around programme implementation.
  • Management of the Teaching and Learning Budget.
  • Monitoring Part-time lecturer claim process and sign off.

3) Student and Lecturer Support and Development

Ensure the Wellness Team delivers on the following areas:

  • Student Wellness
  • Primary Counselling
  • CE/CSI
  • Work Readiness & Student Wellness
  • Management of Student Council or equivalent
  • Management of Bursary Students

Ensure the Academic Team deliver on the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning function
  • Lecturing
  • Work Integrated Learning Function
  • Student Support and Development
  • Lecturer Support and Development
  • Ensure Information Specialist delivers

4) Manage the rollover process during the annual student registration process

5) Personnel Management

Management of all resources within the department; which includes but is not limited to:

  • Recruitment and appointment of resources
  • Performance Management
  • Management of discipline in the workplace



Rosebank College is an equal opportunities employer however preference will be given to EE and South African candidates.