Nankai University Scholarships 2024 in China. (Fully Funded)

December 24, 2023

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Bursary Description

  • Fully Funded
  • Nankai University
  • Masters, PhD
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
  • China

Scholarship Description:

Nankai University in China presents an array of fully-funded Chinese scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic term. These include the Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, International Confucian Association Scholarship, Tianjin Government Scholarship, and Study-at-NKU President Scholarship.

All these Nankai University scholarships encompass benefits such as tuition waivers, accommodation, medical insurance, and living allowances. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the application process for admission to any of these Nankai University scholarships in 2024.

For those aspiring to study at Nankai University with financial support, here are the scholarships available for classes commencing in September 2024:

  • Admission Without Scholarship: Application Deadline by May 20, 2024.
  • Chinese Government Scholarship: Covers tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and living allowance. Application Deadline: February 15, 2024. Details on application requirements can be found here.
  • International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship: Offers similar benefits to the Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • International Confucian Association Scholarship: Includes coverage for tuition, accommodation, insurance, and living expenses.
  • Tianjin Government Scholarship: Application Deadline: May 20, 2024.
  • Study-at-NKU President Scholarship: Provides tuition support. Application Deadline: May 20, 2024.

Secure your opportunity for a fully-funded or partially-funded education by exploring these scholarship options at Nankai University.

Must Apply for

 Xiamen University Chinese Government Scholarship 2024. (Fully Funded)

China University Of Geosciences (CUG) Chinese Government Scholarship 2024. (Fully Funded)

Degree Level:

The duration of degree programs for full-time international students at Nankai University varies:

  • Master’s degree programs typically span 2-3 years, with a potential one-year extension available.
  • PhD admissions are granted for a minimum period of 4 years, extendable up to 6 years with the possibility of extensions.

Available Subjects:

Nankai University plans to offer a total of 199 postgraduate majors in the upcoming year of 2024. Among these, there will be 9 programs taught in English, available through Silk, CSC, MOFCOM, Biliteral, or exchange scholarship programs.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Tuition Waivers
  • Accommodation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Living Allowances

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a Chinese Government CSC scholarship at Nankai University, ensure compliance with these general criteria:

  • Educational Qualifications: Possession of a Bachelor’s degree for Master’s program applicants and a Master’s degree for those applying for a PhD.
  • Non-Chinese Citizenship: Holders of a valid passport from a country other than China.
  • Compliance with Legal and Behavioral Standards: No criminal record and adherence to both Chinese laws and university regulations.
  • Language Proficiency: Attainment of HSK Level 5 (210 score) for programs taught in Chinese or an IELTS score of 6.0 or TOEFL score of 85 for English-based programs.

Application Procedure:

To apply for scholarships at Nankai University in 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Online Application: Complete the online admission application for your chosen scholarship type at Nankai University. Ensure you provide necessary documents such as a notarized diploma, academic transcripts, personal statement, recommendation letters, language proficiency proof, valid passport, research proposal or study plan, physical examination record, financial proof, and a non-criminal record report.

  2. Application Fee: Pay a non-refundable application fee of 400 RMB.

  3. Medical Insurance: Obtain mandatory comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students.

  4. Application Review: After submission, Nankai University’s International Student Office will review your application. If selected, you’ll receive an admission letter.

  5. Visa Application: Upon receiving the admission letter, apply for a Chinese study VISA (X1 or X2) to legally travel to China for your studies starting in September 2024.

Adhering to these steps will facilitate your application process for scholarships at Nankai University, ensuring a smooth transition for your studies in China

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