Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024 (Value Up to CHF 150,000)

December 25, 2023

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Bursary Description

  • Fully Funded
  • Switzerland Universities Offered by Jacob Foundation
  • Fellowship
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
  • Switzerland
  • 01/21/2024

Scholarship Description:

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is a prestigious opportunity for early and mid-career researchers globally, aimed at enhancing child and youth development worldwide.

Applicants encouraged to apply are those integrating interdisciplinary approaches and targeting issues related to understanding variability in learning, evidence application on human development, and scaling effective educational policies.

The Foundation emphasizes the following key research questions:

  • Understanding the influence of individual and contextual variations on learning outcomes.
  • Designing scalable approaches to accommodate learner diversity for all children’s optimal learning.
  • Developing interventions to reduce educational disparities caused by digital technology and inequality.
  • Leveraging data to aid informed decision-making for learners and educators.

The fellowship supports innovative researchers who obtained their PhD within the past 10 years with funding up to CHF 150,000 over three years, benefiting their institution. This funding can cover a portion of the fellow’s salary and research-related expenses like equipment, travel, or hiring support staff.

Beyond financial aid, the fellowship offers numerous non-financial advantages, including networking opportunities, participation in Foundation events, and recognition as part of the Jacobs Foundation’s esteemed research network. Additionally, fellows can seek further funding for projects centered on evidence-to-action and scientific capacity building.

Overall, this program not only supports groundbreaking research but also aims to nurture the potential of researchers to contribute meaningfully to interdisciplinary teams, aligning with the Foundation’s global vision for child and youth development

Degree Level:

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024 (Value Up to CHF 150,000) is available to undertake Fellowship level programs at Switzerland Universities.

Available Subjects:

 This program focuses on multiple disciplines like education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioral science, computer science, and more.

Scholarship Benefits:

Absolutely, here’s a clearer breakdown in bullet points of what the Jacobs Foundation offers and expects from their Research Fellows:

What the Jacobs Foundation Offers:

  • Independent and competitive funding
  • Networking opportunities and events with other Fellows and alumni
  • Media channels for wider dissemination of research
  • Personal and scientific development opportunities (e.g., conferences, online platform)
  • A partnership emphasizing innovative ideas and activities within and beyond research
  • Recognition as part of the Jacobs Foundation’s network

What the Jacobs Foundation Expects:

  • Active participation in Foundation events and meetings
  • Contribution to communication activities (e.g., BOLD articles, sharing on social media)
  • Updates on personal and scientific progress annually
  • Active partnership by providing ideas and activities (e.g., organizing symposia, workshops)
  • Interest and potential involvement in the Foundation’s programs
  • Acknowledgment of support from the Jacobs Foundation in publications and presentations

These expectations are designed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the Foundation and the Research Fellows, encouraging engagement, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge and insights.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • PhD or equivalent obtained within the past 10 years
  • Employment at a higher education or research institute
  • Conducts high-quality research aligned with Jacobs Foundation’s interests
  • Commitment to engaging with the Foundation and its activities

Selection Criteria:

  • Past research accomplishments and publication record
  • Creativity and potential for scientific leadership
  • Scientific rigor in methods and data
  • International relevance of planned work
  • Potential for contributing to human development and learning
  • Alignment of projects with Jacobs Foundation’s goals
  • Willingness to support and engage with the Foundation’s aims

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